Wednesday 19 December 2012

I`m dreaming of a white Christmas

Hello everyone - Ollie here
I`m sorry I haven`t written to you for a couple of weeks but I`m afraid I was laid up in bed for a while Now though I`m up again and flying around as per usual.
I have bought some nice things which I`ll put on my shop in the next few days, some very old pinze-nez and old spectacles which look great on a desk with an old inkstand.  I have even sold a few pairs to wear on stage for Am.Dram. fans.
As I haven`t been around a lot in the last few weeks, I thought I would show you some sights that are in my area.  There are loads more of course but these are some of my favorites.

 This is a lovely plaque which gives thanks to the American soldier who defended the Mayenne
bridge against the Germans  on the 5th August 1944.  His name was James Mac Rachen and was sacrificed saving the french people.
There are plaques everywhere and a lot of the street names are named after these heroes.

 There are numerous Chateaux in the Mayenne area this is just one.

Again many old grave sites here, not as many as in Carnac in Brittany which does make
Stonehenge look insignificant.

One of my favourite museums - Tatin museum - which is full of unbelievable scuptures.  Once is not enough to appreciate them.

 What can I say - after all that sightseeing - a gorgeous meal in one of my favourite restaurants, which I must say are quite a few.

I prefer the beautiful countryside to the beach, although it isn`t that far away.  I don`t like crowds so keep this lovely area of France a secret between us.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

God Bless

Ollie xxxxxxx

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Hi Mes Amis

Me again, not the usual bubbly warm owl you know and love but a freezing one.

I nearly fell off my perch (in more senses than one) yesterday.  The icy wind was blowing that
strongly it left me with ice on my beak and that is NOT nice, believe me.

The squirrels are like whirling dervishes at the moment getting their last nuts in before everything ices over.  I`m going to have to start eating nuts shortly as my little friends are not coming out of their hideaways,  its too cold, so when they do they`ll be all skin and bone.

Don`t be like that  -  an owl has to eat as well you know.

I remember something of a poem that my grandma used to tell me.  Something about a robin who
was freezing.  I can`t remember the start but it finished with

TO KEEP HISSEL WARM  (Lancashire Accent)

I don`t know if she made that up or not but a Poet Lauriet she was not (Did I spell Lauriet right?)

I flew over the last vide grenier of the year on Sunday.  It was that cold the rain turned to ice so
didn`t stay long.  Didn`t buy anything either.  Will stay in the warm brocantes until spring.

I love all you friends and customers, but there is a limit isn`t there?

I`ll go now - no pictures really to show you except maybe for the Eiffel Tower being struck by
lightening - do you want to see it?  o.k. then

Have a lovely week everyone - speak to you soon.

With love

Ollie xxxxxxxxxxx