Tuesday 12 March 2013

What a glorious start to the New Year

Hi Everyone

I know what you are saying - what on earth is she talking about - New Year in March?
Well owls do hibernate you know.  I have not succumbed yet although I really am sleepy.
I suppose it is my fault that IT happened, I was probably walking around with my eyes closed
as I have been known to do, when I tripped and fell down two steps from my bedroom to
the hallway and crashed very un-owl-like on to the tiled floor putting all my weight (which is considerable) on my right hand.

This thing has been my constant companion ever since.

Tim raced me to the hospital whilst I sat in the passenger seat trying not to screech every time he
went over a bump.  I honestly thought I would spend a couple of hours in the waiting room and then go into the little plastering room, where they would do what was necessary and then go home.

Oh no !!!  No way !!!!  I had an operation which took four hours, wouldn`t give me a general as my
heart is a bit loopy at the moment, and had to stay in hospital for five days, having my food cut up like a baby.
I did learn how to multi task whilst I was there - found out I could sleep and dribble at the same time.
Anyway they weren`t satisfied with it so off I went again to the operating room - again no general
anesthetic just local and another 2 hours was spent with me looking at all the lights and the anethetist
saying "Madame - n`avez pas fermer vos yeux.   MADAME  MADAME  he probably thought I was going to snuff it as we say here.
I suppose he wasn`t too pleased to start off having to come in especially on Sunday.

Seemingly I hadn`t just broken my wrist I had completely smashed it.  Now that it`s healed when I hold my hand up it tilts to the right quite a bit.  If I do hold it up it looks as though I`m waving.

Being my right hand I was helpless.  I lived in track suit bottoms and whatever top my loving
hubby happened to find that day.  So all in all two months of my life has slipped by with me lying on the sofa looking out of the window.

Oh this is one of my red squirrels that keep me entertained.

The world has gone mad with the weather.  First we had non stop rain in January and February and
everywhere was flooded

Then this month - its decided to snow and being at the end of a country lane we are completely
blocked in.

                My two cats - Jack and Henry said " =**!!xx" to the snow - we are staying here!!

          Take care everyone - hopefully I`ll be back to normal now and write again next week.

                                                                    a bientot

                                                                   Ollie xxxx

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