Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Paris in Springtime

Hello again my friends,

Well the birds are squabling and the squirrels are chasing each other around the gardens so I guess Spring is finally around the corner.
I have even seen the sun today - I think it was the sun - I haven`t seen it for such a long time.

At my grand old age - lol - you would think nothing would surprise me anymore, but I did get the
shock of my life when hubby suggested we go to Paris soon again for a long weekend.
Then when I came down to earth he said we could visit all the markets - hum - talk about a busman`s

Talking of Paris though, there are a few sights I still haven`t seen. All the normal tourists places
don`t interest me anymore - what I do like are statues, the more interesting the better.  The thumb
is quite good which is outside the Hilton.

I can never tire of going to the Pere Lachaise famous cemetary which is situated on the top of a hill
overlooking Paris.  It is HUGE and anybody who was anybody is there.  I have it in my minds eye, on a lovely sunny balmy evening they come back to life and give shows to one another.

One of the few men I would have loved to have met - Oscar Wilde. Surely no man could have packed so much into his life.

Finally Jim Morrison - his fans still come to visit him in their hundreds.  I had better stop there or I`ll fill the computer with their photos.

The cemetary is 110 acres - not the biggest - but the most interesting.  I did want to show you
Geoges Rodenbachs memorial but I couldn`t find it - maybe next time.

 I`ll go to the markets if hubby will spend the day with me at Pere Lachaise and I`ll show you some of the goodies I bought.

Take care - keep warm (or cool) depending on where in the world you are at in this moment of time.
Speak to you soon.

Love Ollie xxxxx

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