Tuesday 3 September 2013

Hi Everyone - c`est moi encore

Haven`t done much this week as we went out at the weekend instead of going around the markets,
but there again I did go to a house sale where I did get some gorgeous things.
You will have to wait for those to go on, but there are two gorgeous compacts in the items I bought.
One is a compact shaped like a camera with  a lipstick tube and on the reverse a complete manicure set.  The whole thing is in faux shagreen (shark skin) it is absolutely gorgeous.
The other one is just out of this world - a jet black compact, I would say pre war which is so
elegant, and definitely for evening.  Wait until you see them !

Anyway back to my weekend off - we went to Frimbault Les Etangs which is a gorgeous village with
A huge lake.  Every year they have "Fete" - a whole weekend on the theme of farming, work, old cars etc.  After seeing this you might not moan at putting laundry in the washing machine.

                                   I think I have sat on more comfortable motorbikes in my time

                                         Women of course had to wash their clothes in the "Lavoir"
                                         Special "huts" built on the side of the small rivers so they
                                         could wash their "smalls" whilst having a good old
                                         chin wag   -  Really hard work.

                                          A brilliant band played in the street  accompanied
                                          by a female singer, who sang like a bird, singing songs like
                                          Lili Marleen.  I could have listened to her all day. 

                                                                  The Lone Piper
                                         Well, what can I say about this guy - he thinks he`s lovely
                                         without me adding to it.

             I have more pictures but I`ll leave them until next time.  Until then take care of one another.

                                                                 Love to all

                                                                 Ollie   xxxxx   

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