Tuesday 20 August 2013

House Hunting and all that Jazz

Hi Everyone

I`m sorry I haven`t been around for AGES and there really is no excuse apart from being very
busy at Etsy (which I am every so glad of) and even going on a weeks holiday.

I say holiday, but in fact it was to try and find some little house that is in our budget further down
south of France.

Its not as you might think that

A)  I want to be in with the incrowd
B)  I want to drink Martini in the sun.
C)  I want as many free grapes as I can get my mitts on.
D)  I want an all over tan.

No, dear friends, I am fed up with the winters here in Mayenne.  They are long, cold, damp, sunless (is that all one word) and my Rhum.Arthritis is getting worse.  The Doctor told me stay around the north to mid france and you will definately get arthritis, flu, chest infections and piles with sitting on cold floors (no he didn`t say the last one)  Go to the south of france and you will get forest fires and floods.
I`ll take my chance.

Going back to the few days break to the Languedoc area to look for houses.  We had to do it on the
cheap and went camping.  The first morning we were there we went looking for houses and in the afternoon decided to stay at the campsite have a sunbathe and read.
The next morning I was covered in a horrible rash from head to foot - Pharmacist said I was allergic to something and gave me pills and lotion.  Couldn`t go anywhere looking like that.  The next morning my stomach started rumbling and I had to do a 4 minute mile to the toilet block.  I have never had the runs like it before, and the toilets being at least 50 yards away, I had a terrible time.
stayed at the tent again. 
The next day it started raining so hard it thundered and lightened all day and night.  Being where we were in the campsite it was between mountains in the Pyrennes  and the lightening was flashing from one mountain to the other - it was blinding.  We stayed in the tent again.
The next morning a terrific noise woke us all up.  The automatic machines that go inbetween the vines next to our field started watering at 4.00 in the morning.
We came home.

Needless to say - no photos but I`ll write again soon and hopefully will get some for you.

A bientot  my friends


Ollie     (Barbara)


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