Wednesday 7 November 2012

Hello Everyone again - from Little French Owl

On the first blog of mine I showed my house, now I would like to show who lives in it with me.
- My pets.
We have had quite a few animals of all descriptions living with us.  Most of them were strays, and I must say they have lightened up our world one way or another.  I can`t write about all my friends, I would be here until doomsday but just a little selection.

 The first one was Charbon.  We were sitting in our first farmhouse in front of the wood burner one evening with our two border collies  Megan and Sally when there was a knock on the door.  When I opened it there was a french gentleman with a small black blob of fur.  He said is this yours ?- I nearly run it over (well I think that was what he said).  I said yes and grabbed her.  My husband said we can`t keep her the two dogs will eat her, but when I introduced her their eyes turned to saucers and they run down the hall as if the devil himself was after them.  So Charbon became the boss.  She was originally call Charbon de bois  (charcoal)
but that seem a little too pretentious me shouting out that from a tatty farmhouse  so she just became Charbon.

What can I say about Billy.  He came to us one afternoon when it was pouring with rain, he looked through the window at us and gave a silent cry.  Of course we opened our door to him, the dogs ran out without turning back and Billy walked in and to the horror of Charbon jumped on the chair next to her and went to sleep.  He was very young.  Oh we did have some laughs with him.  He copied us wiping our feet on the mat  when he came in, the thing was he wiped them when he went out again  !!
One day some of our friends arrived to say a final goodbye for the season.  They had a second home near us and they came every year for the summer.  They were going back to England and we waved them off.  An hour and a half later they came back, they found Billy fast asleep under their coats when they got to the Port.

What could we say?  I phoned up and got them a ferry for the next day made them dinner and gave them a bed for the night.  That was just one of his lesser mishaps, hopefully I`ll find space to write about him again.

Finally for this blog - the brothers  Jack and Henry.  We got these two about 10 years ago but for once they weren`t strays, they just needed a home and as we had plenty of space for them we gave them a chance.
They have never stopped paying us back with their love, special cuddles and even now their mischief.

Well I do other things apart from looking after animals.  When they let me I go to every Sunday market I can, brocantes near and far and special "marche des puces" - flea markets.  Sometimes I get lucky and pick up something out of the ordinary like these "nieve" hand painted tiles.  There are nine of them and they are so
spectacular, most are in great condition and even have a hanger fixed on the back.
I`ll be putting them in my shop soon.

Well thank you for reading this, I appreciate it and please take a look at my two shops.   In the next week I`ll be restocking my "frenchowlsnest" haberdashery will a pile of buttons I bought at a haberdashery closing down sale, some are art deco and they are all great value for money.

A bientot mes amis.


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