Friday 23 November 2012

Hello Everyone and I apologize for being late with this weekly blog.

Still not recouperated from the weekend.  We went to my friends
birthday party, promising ourselves to only being there for a few hours
and not drinking - to finally getting out at 2.00 a.m. and me full of red wine and
champagne - well you can`t be a party pooper can you? Hubby was on his
high horse and only drank one glass of champers for the toast.

The only problem was we were going to a new open air Brocante the next
morning or should I say the same morning and, being so far away, we had
to make a start at 4.00 a.m. to have any chance of getting some great things.

Needless to say it was pouring down with rain, sleet and high winds all the
way.  When we got there it was still coming down like stair rods, but, as
professionals (or more like a bag lady and her husband) like the Royal Mail - we had
to get through.

We pushed and shoved through the sodden masses wondering if Etsy knew what
we poor sellers have to go through and managed to grab some great stuff in the

It got that packed by about 10.00 in the morning  we were carried through the streets without putting a foot
on the ground and finally admitted defeat.

But not until we saw a brilliant and very unusual item.

20 beautiful pewter cheese name tags - Brilliant for a wine and cheese party.

When I revived and looked at my purchases I thought it was all worthwhile - but
never going there again.  It was too near Paris and a lot of them were charging
Paris prices which we would not charge our customers, but luckily the Parisiens
like to sleep in, so we grabbed all our bargains before most of them were awake.

And after a nice hot bath

 I slept like a log - dreaming of flying over stalls full of gold and silver but
not being able to land  !!!

tant - pis  -  there is always another time.
Au revoir mes amis

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