Wednesday 14 November 2012

Hello Little French Owl again

It has been a lovely week.  The sun shining, the little red squirrels still hiding their nuts and I`m going to sleep with the owls and night jays calling to one another.

It really has been a busy week for me.  On sunday I went to a new vide - grenier (boot sale) the first one in this particular village .  Arrived around day break. Normally it is usually a 6.00 am start but this one, being the first one ever was a little laid back. After parking and seeing the stalls were still being set up, we went to a local cafe for some hot chocolate to warm us up.

On the next table were a couple of farmers talking about a nearby village that had a bit of a show going on so we decided to go there after.

The vide-grenier was great - had a lovely array of stuff which I grabbed.  The best thing I managed to buy was a really old 6 sided wooden cubed jigsaw.  It will be the antique of the future.

After about an hour, we had finished and decided to go and look at this village.  It was incredible, the villagers really had gone to town putting up models and scenes.  Of course we took millions of photos as we hadn`t seen anything like this before.

Lunch time arrived and I was feeling really shattered being up since 5.00 am.  We decided to go home but on the way spied a Brocante I had never seen before, which, unusually, was open on a Sunday and even at lunchtime which is never heard of.

Oh!  I was in my element.  It was like Aladdins cave.  I forgot my tiredness and studied everything they had, buying some lovely things and promising to go back there even if it was out of my way.

Old babies bonnets, beautiful silver plated knife rests which are really old and in perfect condition.
Crucifixes and a really gorgeous mother of pearl rosary which is antique but in perfect condition.  Must have been a present to someone who thought it too lovely to use, just kept using her old one.

After that it was quite late in the afternoon so we popped into a small local cafe and had a croque monsieur each.  Just a toasted cheese and ham sandwich, but what I like about the french ones they are actually fried in butter and taste delicious.  If you are feeling extra hungry you can order a croque madame which is just the same but with an egg on top.

bon appetit mes amis et a la prochaine.

Ollie xx

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