Wednesday 24 April 2013


I`m sorry but there are no  photos this time as there is something wrong with the camera.

I have finally had my weekend in Paris and for once had great weather for this time of year.
At least its getting warmer now which of course means more work in the garden - did I say garden?
I meant fields.
I bought some GORGEOUS things there - a very old metal hanging matchbox holder  - blue and
white - cost me the earth but these things are getting rarer and you know they are original.
Also some  bone salad servers with Art Nouveau silver plated decoration on the handles. I could go
on but some of the things I don`t know whether to keep - like a little olde worlde dolls pram complete with doll who has a porcelain head and a body filled with sand.
What with very pretty glass inkwells, enamel jugs and goodness knows what else from the top of my
head the car was very nearly touching the ground.
I have also decided to sell my angora fibre from my rabbits which I have had to sell as they really do
need a lot of looking after.  They have gone to a good home which is only just down the road a couple of villages away and the new owner says I can visit them anytime I want, which is good.
I have 860 grams of gorgeous white angora fibre which is over 30 ounces.  I`m looking to sell the lot
which will make a couple of nice items very cheaply - maybe 3 euros an ounce.
Please contact me if you are interested.
As I said great weather here and Henry, one of our two tabbies,  is always the first out to catch the rays - he`s lying out in the garden on his back with his four legs in the air - its a pity I can`t get his photo for you.

Well I had better go now and put the items on Etsy.

Take care of one another and I`ll speak to you soon.

A bientot mes amis


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